Getting Started

Below is a list of items that we’ll need from you to get your order started. NOTE: you don't have to send the master and art files at the same time. The package printing typically takes the longest, so if your art is ready before your master is completed, by all means send us what you have. As long as we have your deposit and order details, we can get started. Need your product in time for a special event? Please let us know right away. Estimated turn-times are not guaranteed and are based on all of your materials being supplied correctly and on time. If we know about any special event date up front, we can do our absolute best to make sure you have your product for that event.

1. Confirmed quote.
Review your price quote carefully and verify that it is correct before sending it in. If the quote is incorrect, please call your product specialist to get an accurate quote before sending in your order.

2. Your master.
Make sure your master sounds and/or functions exactly the way you want it to before sending it to us. The finished discs you get back from us will be an exact match of the master you send us. We do not offer mastering services in-house, but will be happy to recommend someone. Just give us a call and let us know what you need. Please make sure your master is labeled with your name and contact information. Click on the following links to view tips on preparing your audio master or video master.

3. Your art materials.
If you supply your graphics files on a disc, be sure to clearly label the disc with your contact information. If uploading your art files, please label the files clearly with your project name. Click here to upload your files if they are already completed according to our specs. If CD Experts is doing the design, contact our design studio to discuss what we need from you to get started. To download templates and art specifications click here. While we will try to answer any questions you have about specifications or templates and try to point out any possible issues, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of supplied files

4. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) documentation.
We need to know that you own the rights to reproduce the product you’re ordering. Without a completed IPR form we cannot complete your order. To the necessary form, click here.

5. Payment.
We can’t start your project without a 70% deposit or prepayment in full. If paying by check or money order, please include it with your order. If you’d rather pay by credit card, please call your sales rep to give them your information. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All credit card payments will be charged a 3% service fee.

Warning: if any of these parts are missing or need to be resupplied, your order can be delayed.

How and where to send it:

We recommend using UPS, FedEx, or any service that provides a way to track your shipment. Don’t waste your money on Saturday delivery! We’re not here. Packages won't be received until Monday anyway.

Note: Always keep a backup of any master or artwork you submit. (Even the best packaged materials can be damaged or lost in shipping.) CD Experts, Inc. is not responsible for masters or original art. Masters and art materials will not be returned unless specifically requested in advance.

Unless otherwise instructed, send your materials to our headquarters:

CD Experts, Inc.
701 Seneca St.,
Suite 606
Buffalo, NY 14210

(Occasionally, we may have you send your master directly to the plant, depending on your location.)

Be sure to include your return address and phone number on the package.

For complete Terms & Conditions click here.

And then what?

Once we receive your materials, the master will be tested for errors and your art files will be reviewed to make sure they are ready for print. Your order will not be assigned an estimated ship date until both the master and art proofs have been approved.

If there are any problems with your supplied materials, you will be contacted as soon as possible so we can determine how to proceed.

CD experts inc • suite 606 • 701 seneca street • buffalo, ny 14210 • 1.866.424.4020

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