Preparing Your Audio Master

It's important that your master sounds exactly the way you want it to sound, with all of the songs in the correct order and the right amount of spacing between songs before you send it to us for replication. You should make a safety copy of your master before you ship or deliver it anywhere. DO NOT SEND US YOUR ONLY COPY!!! We also recommend that customers furnish two copies of the master in the event that one of the discs is unreadable, especially for short turnaround production schedules.

We do not provide any mixing or mastering services in-house. We'll be happy to recommend someone if you need this type of service. Just let us know what you need and we'll do what we can to help.

IPR and Track Listing Form Requirement

You must submit a signed IPR & Track Listing Form with your master. Click here to download the two-page form. If you have questions about filling out this form properly, please give us a call.

CD Audio/CD Rom formats accepted for Glass Mastering

Maximum User Data Capacity: 681,984,000 bytes per disc.

The following specifications describe the input media formats CD Experts, Inc. accepts for CD glass mastering.

- Write-Once (CD-R, One-off, Gold Master)
We accept CD-Recordable media recorded without the Pre-Master cue sheet for direct mastering under the following conditions. The disc must be recorded from beginning to end of program in one pass. Multi-Session or stop-start recorded discs may require a transfer for mastering. The media should be high quality and free of scratches and imperfections. Please note that packet written or "drag and drop" written discs can cause block errors in the mastering process, so we recommend using "Disc At Once".

We can accept previously manufactured CDs for mastering. The media should be high quality and free of scratches and imperfections.

- 8mm Tape
We accept 8mm tapes produced in Exabyte format.
Recording Format: 1.3 GByte
Track Density: 61 Kbpi
Media: 8/10 modulation
Tape Formats: ANSI or SONY unlabeled

For optimum quality, we recommend the use of high quality magnetic tape designed specifically for computer data storage. Tapes of high quality maintain high data integrity. The following Sony tapes offer exceptional capability:

QG-112M: 5.0 GB Capacity
QG-54M: 2.4 GB Capacity

- Electronic File Transfer
We do not currently offer Electronic File Transfer of masters. However we are in the process of setting up this service and hope to have it up and running in 2009. Please check with us if you are interested in using this service for future orders.

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