DVD Style Digipaks

DVD Style Digipak

The Digipak is currently the most popular packaging alternative for retail. The DVD-Style Digipak is shaped smililar to an amaray-style case to fit in with traditional DVD packaging designs. But, there is no rule that you can only use this package for DVDs. They can be great for Special Edition Audio CD releases, CD/DVD releases and even Software releases. This sturdy board package, utilizes less plastic and weighs less than the standard amaray-style packaging while providing a custom look. Standard digipaks are printed on semi-gloss coated board and include your choice of a black or clear tray. Spot colors, varnishes and printing on uncoated stock are available at additional cost to further customize the look of your package.

All of our Digipak prices include assembly and shrinkwrap. We’ll even add a unique barcode to your package at no extra cost.


Even for quantities as low as 500, you are guaranteed that we will always deliver to you fully "replicated" DVDs which were molded from a glass mastered stamper. For the on-disc print, our DVDs are offset printed for that major studio look.

You can choose from many different configurations with the Digipak, such as additional panels and pockets to hold a folder or booklet. You can also configure your Digipak to hold multiple discs. The sky is the limit, so just call us toll-free at 1-866-424-4020 or email us today to discuss the options that best suit your needs.

Other Examples of DVD Style Digipaks

Dvd Digipak


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