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Downloadable CD Templates:

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CD label specifications

CD Label artwork can be designed in Illustrator or Quark/Indesign. Photoshop may also be used but be aware of the limitations working with spot color channels. If you're planning on creating a photo quality CMYK label we recommend editting your bitmap images in photoshop and adding text in quark or illustrator. For multi color labels Illustrator or Quark/Indesign will provide the best output. If you are planning on creating a 2 or 3 color label please specify the Pantone™ colors you'd like us to print with.


For multi color jobs specify Pantone™ Coated Spot colors.
NOTE: some lighter colors are slightly transclucent. please specify a white bed to enhance color reproduction.


Disc outer Diameter 116mm / Standard print area 46mm / Exteneded print area 23mm. Min. width 0.2MM for Lines & Type/Min 5pt for Standard Type, 6pt for Rev Knockout Type/Use SANS SERIF Typefaces for Small Font Sizes/Trapping 2pt. Keep Artwork within Print Area.

Trapsheet, Booklet and Tray specifications

All printed materials should be submitted in our templates. Not using our templates can potentially hold up your job if your artwork is "out of spec". Most Layouts require the use of one template per side of a graphic piece (these are referred to as "spreads"). Please label your files clearly, indicating page numbers or physical location (ie. insert > outside booklet / inside booklet). If you desire a graphic under your CD jewelcase tray, please use the inlay template. Keep in mind if your tray is setup as a Color/Color your booklet will become Color/Color when printed. Please include a bleed area on all outside edges of our templates (these are generally indicated by guides spaced 1/8" from the "cut" line guides in our template). Bleeds prevent white space from appearing on your graphic materials once die cut. If you are new to graphic design or are a seasoned graphic artist don't hesistate to call us with your questions. Our knowledgeable graphics dept. can answer any question you might have.

  • Artwork should be in CMYK for full color or greyscale for B&W
  • Outer Edges require 1/8" bleed (extra image info for cropping purposes)
  • All linked pictures need to be 300dpi CMYK or Greyscale
  • For best print quality avoid using compressed images (.jpg etc) or adding LZW compression to .tiffs
  • Avoid typesetting small text (>4pt type) in photoshop, for best quality set type in Illustrator or Quark/Indesign
  • Include all fonts and linked files used in Quark/Indesign or Illustrator documents
  • If a Barcode is to be added by us, a white space must be indicated on tray file.
    the box should be approx. .75" x 1.5". Please make sure to indicate on your order if you need a custom number generated.
  • Files can be provided in Quark Xpress©, Adobe Photoshop©, Adobe Illustrator© or Adobe Indesign©
  • Please include printed proofs or samples of your artwork. (a printout from your home printer is fine)
  • Artwork can be submitted on CDR, Zip disk or we can download from your FTP site. For rush jobs an FTP account may be provided for upload.


Min. width 0.2MM for Lines & Type/Min 5pt for Standard Type, 6pt for Rev Knockout Type/Use SANS SERIF Typefaces for Small Font Sizes/Trapping 2pt. Keep Artwork within Print Area.